This past weekend marks a year since little Elliot was born. He's the son of our pastors, Matt and Abbey Ingalls, of the wonderful church that Aaron and I have been attending, and when they asked if I would take Elliot's first birthday pictures I was honored and excited to say yes! It was an adventure taking pictures of an energetic and fast-moving one-year-old to be sure, but it was so much fun walking around the park on a beautiful sunny day in Oregon, and ending our time at the Newberg Bakery to get Elliot his first cupcake was perfect. It turns out that frosting is a very useful way to lift Elliot's spirits and get some good smiles out of him as well! With all of that said, here are some shots of the beautiful family and little Elliot.

And of course, while photographing a one-year-old bloopers are bound to happen. Here are a few that I can't help but share!

It takes a lot of entertaining strategies to make a baby smile for pictures... :)

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