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Wood Fired Goodness

I never thought I'd be wood firing again so soon, but I had the opportunity to participate in one a few weeks ago! There were lots of different techniques done compared to what I was used to, but nevertheless, the pots turned out pretty spectacular. There were crystals galore and beautiful ash melt throughout the whole kiln, despite the fact that there was no side stoking! I still need to do some cleaning up on a few of the pieces, but here are a few mugs and tea bowls that resulted from it. (Many of these will be for sale, so if one catches your eye, feel free to contact me! Otherwise, check my shop soon to see if they are listed.) Enjoy!

Many of the pieces had beautiful crystal growth!

A re-fire... Glad I gave it a second shot!

Found a couple of new glazes that are soon to become favorites, including this clear crackle glaze.




So a while back I posted a photo on Facebook of a couple of teapots I was working on for a commission. (One for my lovely sister who just recently visited from Germany!)

Remember these? (Sorry for the poor picture quality!)

I was excited because they were new forms for me, and I was actually happy with how they looked as a whole after assembling them!  (The last few teapots I have made I was not been the most pleased with...) Anyway, to make a long story short, both are now fired and finished and I wanted to share the results with you all. One was wood fired, and the other was soda fired, and I thought they both turned out lovely. You can be the judge!

The wood fired teapot. 

The soda fired teapot.

Both teapots now have their homes in Germany. It's fun to know my work is slowly making its way around the world!